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Tennis Serve Speed Calculator

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Tennis Serve Speed (TSS) allows you to measure your serve speed accurately in order to perfect your service game! Its clear, colorful and intuitive interface has been designed to allow the user to monitor serve duration, distance and speed with ease. In addition to calculating average serve speed, TSS uses an algorithm that considers air resistance and fall due to gravity to calculate initial serve speed and the speed of the ball at bounce.TSS contains the following features:
√ Serve speed calculator√ 'Getting started' guide so that you can begin monitoring your serves almost immediately√ Ball and serve position adjuster √ Average speed and 'speed at bounce' calculator√ ‘Coaches clipboard’, which allows the user to save speed and distance data √ Export clipboard via email√ Settings menu with options to measure in feet or metres; Mph or Km/h; and one or two decimal places
Instructions for use:
If you are playing in the game you will need another person to record the serve speed for you. The person using the app will need to set the position of the server on the app to the approximate position of the person serving. Next, the person with the app will need to tap the court when the ball is served and again when the ball hits the court. They will need to keep an eye on where the ball bounces!
After this, the person using the app needs to move the ball icon to a location that approximates where the ball has bounced on the real court. Set the serve height to approximate the height of the ball when it was served (the height of the server is usually a good estimation). The app uses the serve distance, duration and initial height to calculate the cubic distance. The serve speed is then calculated by an algorithm that takes into account air resistance and gravity. This gives the initial serve speed, speed at bounce and an average of the two.